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Upcoming Webinar: October 21, 2014

Aquatic Exercise Program for Patients with Neurological Disorders: Evidence-Based Approach

5:00 pm eastern time/ 2:00 pm pacific time

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Course Description:

This session will provide evidence-based aquatic exercises for patients with neurological disorders. The goals of this session are to 1) present the theoretical framework and recent empirical evidence regarding aquatic exercises for patients with neurological disorders; and 2) highlight the use of aquatic exercises for patients with neurological disorders.

This session will review common impairments seen in people with neurological disorders. The unique aspects and rationale for using aquatic exercises for patients with neurological disorders will be presented. The current evidence on the effects of aquatic exercises in people with neurological disorders will be presented to guide practical application of aquatic therapy. This session will present general guidelines for treatment design and uses of aquatic exercise in rehabilitation. We will discuss how to design effective and specific aquatic exercise and treatment strategies. This presentation will highlight the use of aquatic therapy to improve gait and balance and the transition to land based exercises in people with neurological disorders. Selected patient examples using videos of individuals with neurological disorders including patients with multiple sclerosis, stroke, and Parkinson's will be presented.

Course Objectives: In this course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the unique aspects and benefits of aquatic therapy for patients with neurological disorders
  2. Overview current evidence that supports the use of aquatic therapy for rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders
  3. Present general guidelines for effective aquatic therapy for patients with neurological disorders
  4. Describe the aquatic exercise precautions, implications, and concerns for patients with neurological disorders
  5. Presents examples of aquatic intervention strategies for treatment of balance and gait in patients with neurological disorders

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Common impairments seen in patients with neurological disorders
  • Unique aspects of aquatic therapy as a rehabilitation approach
  • Review of current evidence
  • General guideline for treatment design - 20 minutes
  • Special considerations - 5 minutes
  • Discuss examples of aquatic intervention for balance and gait - 20 minutes
  • Summary of the topic and final thoughts - 10 minutes

Yasser Salem PT, MS, PhD, NCS, PCS

Dr. Salem is a board certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist and a board certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist. Dr. Salem earned his PhD in physical therapy from the University of Central Arkansas. He also has an Advanced Master Degree in physical therapy with concentration in pediatrics, and he received his professional physical therapy education from Cairo University. Dr. Salem is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, University of North Texas Health Science Center. He teaches courses in examination and intervention of the clients with neurologic dysfunction, as well as content in neuroscience, neuropathology, pediatrics, and motor control. Dr. Salem has conducted continuing education courses and given numerous presentations at national and international meetings. He has published in a variety of journals including Neurorehabilitation, Stroke, Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy, Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, and Disability and Rehabilitation. In addition, he has served as an editorial reviewer for several journals including European Journal of Neurology, Disability and Rehabilitation, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation. He maintains clinical experience in adult and pediatric rehabilitation. Dr. Salem is the Director of Research of the Aquatic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Salem is the Co-Editor of the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy.

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Non-Section Continuing Education Opportunities

If your organization is interested in posting their aquatic physical therapy event here, contact the Aquatic PT Section, aquaticspt@apta.org



Aqua-Leuven 2015, the second European conference on evidence based aquatic therapy will be held in Leuven Belgium April 15 - 18, 2015.

We are very happy to announce that the KULeuven, Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences will organize the conference. Aqua-Leuven 2015 will be the follow-up event of the first European Conference on Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy, ECEBAT which was held in Izmir, Turkey in March 2013.

The first event was a huge success with some 150 delegates from 30 countries. Aqua-Leuven 2015 will be a great opportunity for professionals in the field of Aquatic Therapy, to hear about the latest research worldwide, while at the same time meeting with experts and discussing with peers. You will enjoy the great learning environment of the University of Leuven and the unique atmosphere the historic town of Leuven has to offer.

Aquatic Therapy is becoming increasingly popular in short as well as long term rehabilitation and fitness training. Nevertheless after thousands of years, the unique properties of water lead us to discover even more new ways to improve rehabilitation and training outcomes. Register and  enjoy a professionally organized conference and catch up with the latest research in a relaxing environment.

We hope to welcome you on Aqua-Leuven 2015!

Extra topics: Musculoskeletal ,Neurology, Pediatrics , Cardiopulmonary, Balneology, Sports injuries , Elderly , Intellectual disabilities, Women's health, Lifestyle disorders, Aquatic education, Guideline developments 

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