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    posted: February 02, 2016


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    posted: December 15, 2015

    Paula Geigle, PT, PhD

    University of Maryland

    Member of the Aquatic PT Section since 1993                

    Paula Geigle is a research physical therapist at University Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Research Center and a clinical assistant professor in the UMSOM department of neurology. A Member of the Aquatic PT Section since 1993, Paula enjoys tennis, travel, training her golden retrievers, and much more!

    Paula is a traveler by heart and has been to the many exotic places including the Galapagos Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Peru, and Italy to name a few. However, despite her many travels, Paula describes parenting as the most adventurous thing she has done in her life.

    Paula's largest professional regret is not initiating rigorous research training earlier in her career. The craziest aquatic location Paula worked--lifeguarding the 101st Airborne Division.

    posted: December 01, 2015

    You're invited to the MEET & GREET

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    posted: July 01, 2015

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